Father’s Day is an exceptional date. And it is the perfect occasion for a family gathering. A moving day in which we remember those who are no longer with us. In the vast majority of countries, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, and for golf fans, it has coincided, for many decades, with an iconic date: the final round of the US Open.

Every golf celebration is unique, but this one ranks among the highest. In the last editions of the traditional tournament, we have seen emotional victories of the leading world stars, sharing their triumph in this major with their parents on the 72nd hole or paying tribute to those who have already passed away. Even dedicating their success to his children.

Of course, to give your father such a gift, you would have to be a professional golfer, be registered in the US Open and, above all, win it! This privilege is reserved for very few people. This is why the Chasing Par team has selected “more conventional” gifts that you can give to your father.

Still undecided about what to give your dad on his day? Here we share our golfer’s gift guide for father’s day and suggestions to choose the best golfer’s gift. Here we go! We hope you like it.

Tickets for a professional golf tournament

Giving tickets to attend a golf tournament seems like an excellent present for Father’s Day. It’s a super-exclusive gift, whether on the PGA Tour or the European Tour. Even buy a unique package that allows you to enjoy certain privileges, amenities, access to exclusive places, and much more with your father. If it’s about tickets to a major tournament, especially the US Open! Many websites offer tickets, especially the official ones for each contest.

Golf clubs

We know that giving away a complete set of golf clubs can be very expensive. Our suggestion is to give a particular club as a gift. A driver, a wedge or a putter are all excellent ideas if that is your decision. During the weeks before Father’s Day, the leading golf stores offer special offers, especially if you purchase online. Before buying the club, it would be good to know what aspect of your father’s game “is a little weak.” If it is not easy to know, look inside his bag and identify the condition of his clubs. That never fails.

Golf technology gadgets

Currently, the market is full of new and handy golf gadgets. And there is a gadget for each taste and need. Especially those incorporating GPS technology, which allows you to know exactly how far you are from the flag in a hole or from an obstacle. Of course: before giving a gift of this type, it is best to know how familiar your dad is with technology: the risk for this present is to end up sleeping in the drawer of your father’s bedside table forever. Read more on our Golf Gadgets list.

Golf balls

We are currently experiencing a revolution in golf balls. There is something for all tastes and styles of play. In our opinion, choosing the right ball to give to your father requires some basic information. Most likely, your father plays within the senior category. How old is your dad? How many strokes does the average sign per round? As some balls offer several extra yards off the tee, even if it is hard to “stop” them on the green afterwards, take this into account when choosing durable and friendly balls for a 50+ player: our top picks are the Titleist Tour Softball, Callaway Supersoft ball, Mizuno RB566, Srixon Soft Feel Ball and Wilson Duo Soft+.

Golf apparel

Just as technology is present in golf clubs and gadgets, the same is true about golf clothing. Today, compared to a decade ago, we find lighter waterproof t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and pants. Everything made with Gore-Tex or waterproof fabric is a perfect choice.

Golf shoes

Another significant advance in design regarding golf-related items is golf shoes. Today, we find light and super comfortable shoes compared to the old heavy leather shoes with metal nails. In our opinion, FootJoy and Adidas offer the best on the market, although we could say that practically all of the options are good. Our suggestion is to think about shoes that will also serve after the round. FootJoy has several super-stylish models that will make your father look comfortable and smart casual in the clubhouse while drinking with his friends as part of the 19th hole wrapping.

Golf lessons

Why not give away some always-useful golf lessons? Today, there are excellent academies in different parts of the world. Many of them are led by prominent golf instructors, such as David Leadbetter or Jim McLean. There is an exciting fact: taking golf classes in these types of academies or performance centers is not as expensive as one imagines. On the other hand, knowing that our suggestion contemplates all pockets, the gift can be a voucher to take golf lessons with your club’s professional.

Golf books

Other gift options can also be taken into account, for example, books. There are many beautiful ones with the history of the world’s top golf courses. In the same way, there is a lot of bibliography about the most legendary players and their outstanding career careers. You can also find excellent books about learning better golf, with tips and tricks to improve the game.

You Can’t Go Wrong

All in all, there are gifts for all tastes and pockets. The good thing is to take your time and choose, and not leave everything for the last minute.

ultimate gift guide for golfers on fathers day 2022

Find the best gift for the golfers you love this Fathers Day with the Chasing Par 2022 Dad’s Gift Guide.