Distance and precision. Distance and precision. Distance and precision. Many golfers repeat it as a mantra before hitting their tee shots. Whether they are professionals or amateurs, everyone wants to have the correct driver in their bag that will allow them to make these two words come true: distance and precision.

We could say that the best golfers in the world have it “easier” in this matter of hitting long and accurately. But it is not as simple as it seems. Players from the hierarchy of Bryson Dechambeau, Brooks Koepka, Rory McIlroy, and Jon Rham, among others, are constantly perfecting aspects of their swing. And also looking for the right driver to achieve their goals.

With the Chasing Par team, we carried out a detailed study of the best 2022 golf drivers for all budgets today. For now, and beyond our analysis, we always suggest you could perform an in-person fitting at a good golf shop, where a specialist will help you test each club and learn about the different possible configurations.

Callaway Rogue ST Max drivers

The Callaway Rogue ST Max drivers were made to create more speed. With its speed-tuned (ST) configuration and artificial intelligence, the brand’s specialists created by Ely Callaway have achieved a more efficient and better-performing club.

One of the Rogue ST secrets is the transfer of energy on the ball. To that end, Callaway incorporated an updated version of their Speed ​​Tuned Jailbreak Speed ​​Frame, which connects the sole and crown of the club behind the strike zone. This driver comes in four versions, with slight variations depending on its loft.

Another critical aspect to remember is that the tungsten speed cartridge adds a lot of weight to the back of the clubhead, up to 23 grams, as far back and down as possible. This allows strikes that are not made with the center of the face to stay through the line of impact and with good speed and rhythm. This is one of the best options in this list of the best 2022 golf drivers.

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max LS Driver

Rogue ST MAX LS is built for lower spin with a strong ball flight trajectory. With a more neutral ball flight, more workability, plus lower spin, Max LS is a tremendous option for mid-to-low handicap players.

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Models Available MAX, MAX D, MAX LS and Triple Diamond LS

Standard Length 45.75″

Average Lie Angle 60° (Adjustable)

Head Size 460cc

Adjustable Loft Yes

Swingweight D3 (40/50G)

Shafts Different options

Price $550

Cobra LTDx, LTDx LS, LTDx Max drivers

One of Cobra’s secrets is to continue designing drivers with a titanium alloy and carbon fibre. The secret is straightforward: they are light and very resistant. In the Cobra LTDx, LTDx LS, and LTDx Max drivers, weight was added in the front part and in some of its versions in the rear. This is intended to compensate for that “light” feeling that no one intends when hitting their tee shot. On the other hand, the new design reduced 8 grams of weight from the head, redistributing to different club sections.

Cobra engineers mastered the new face to provide more distance on centred hits and those not hit squarely. They also designed the PWR-COR system, which reduces spin and increases ball speed. What if, as each golfer has the needs of it, they created the different versions that we mentioned to adapt to the market requirements.

Take note: Currently, Rickie Fowler, Jason Dufner and Bryson DeChambeau are among the players who rely on Cobra technology. And this is a significant fact.

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Max Men's Driver Matte Black-Gold Fusion

Engineered for Fongest Total Distance.

  • Lower Sping with Higher Forgiveness
  • Our Hottest Face Design
  • Lighter And Stronger Construction

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02/17/2024 09:09 pm GMT

Models Available LTDx, LTDx LS, LTDx Max

Standard Length 45.50″

Average Lie Angle 57°/60°

Head Size 460cc

Adjustable Loft Yes

Swingweight iM10: D4 RDX Blue: D2 and Helium: D1.5 (R), D2 (A)

Shafts Different options

Price $499

TaylorMade Stealth, Stealth Plus+, Stealth HD drivers

In recent years, TaylorMade has put a lot of emphasis on adding mobile weight to their drivers. It even incorporated a sliding weight system in the first version of the SIM driver. TaylorMade engineers seek to mitigate the classic problems of hitting draws or slices with this.

The TaylorMade Stealth Drivers come with a different look than other drivers from this brand. The design is different, and many lines and drawings that we found in other drivers have disappeared.

Another fact that we need to know is that this club is made with carbon and is 40% lighter than an equivalent titanium front. It makes up for this by being 11% larger than the SIM2 and SIM2 Max drivers and almost 20% larger than the SIM 2020. Very simple: sixty carbon fibre layers have been strategically engineered to optimize power transfer and deliver speeds with a much larger ball.

What other aspects stand out? All three Stealth drivers feature a large Speed ​​Pocket slot behind the leading edge in the sole. This slot plays a crucial role in flexing the driver’s face at impact, which helps low-end shots stay up fast.

We could all agree that the head of the club can be a bit grotesque. In this sense, we want to emphasize that its design seeks to be indulgent for players of all levels. Anyway, we invite you to try it and draw your own conclusions.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver

Enter the new chapter in TaylorMade woods. Going beyond Titanium and entering the Carbonwood Age. The flexibility in performance and design allows for new possibilities for golfers.

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Models Available Stealth, Stealth Plus+ and Stealth HD

Standard Length 45.75″

Average Lie Angle 56°/60°

Head Size 460cc

Adjustable Loft Yes

Swingweight D4/D5

Shafts Different options

Price $579

Titleist TSi2 and TSi3

Titleist has recently presented a new generation of its TS2 and TS3 drivers in 2022, launched two years ago on the market. The premise, in this case, was to increase the speed of the club while maintaining stability. Visually, it does not have significant differences from its older brothers. They are even unnoticeable for most players. What is certain is that the drag that the TS2 had in the downswing was reduced by 15%.

The Titleist TSi2 Driver and Titleist TSi3 Driver have a 460cc head made entirely of titanium. It is adjustable, which allows it to decrease or increase its loft up to 2 degrees, according to each need. On the other hand, Titleist engineers claim that the club is much more stable than its previous versions without reducing the moment of inertia, achieving longer and more precise shots.

Models Available TSi2 and TSi3

Standard Length 45.50″

Average Lie Angle 58.5° (Adjustable)

Head Size 460cc

Adjustable Loft Yes

Swingweight D2/D3 (and others)

Shafts Different options

Titleist Man Tsi2 Golf Driver, Black/White, 10.0
  • For moderate swing players looking for speed and ball control.
  • Super light components and a deep, face-centered centre of gravity for greater casting and exceptional ball speed.
  • From the head of the club to the grip, TSi1 drivers have been strategically designed and weighted to offer maximum release and distance for players with moderate swing speeds.

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We invite you to read the second part of this article to continue analyzing the best 2022 golf drivers for all budgets.

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