It feels like a lifetime ago when I first picked up a club and hit my first golf ball. I was a kid who was curious about the sport that felt less athletic than other sports, especially when looking at the PGA roster of the 80’s and 90’s. Back then, professional golf looked more attainable, more relatable and certainly more accessible. While it was near impossible to step on to a major league field, NHL ice or NBA hardwood, you could tee off on the same links as Ben Hogan, Sir Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

Since then, that reality of professional golf has become a dream, like other professional sports, that is attained with a massive amount of practice, dedication and some luck.

The objective has become playing better golf: Chasing Par.

Few other challenges ask you to accomplish a benchmark that is defined in English as “average” or “customary,” yet is elusive and tough. So tough that being a scratch golfer (playing par golf) comes with a class of its own. Like a local celebrity, a scratch golfer has done something few others have – mastered the game from a physical perspective and overcome the mental hurdles that are arguably more a part of golf than any other sport.

Knowing that I’m not the only one trying to play better golf and find an edge (or a breakthrough), Chasing Par was launched.


Tips to Improve your Golf Game

Stories from the golf course and tips for when you get out there. From what bag might be best for your game to the snacks you should pack.

Product Reviews

Buying guides of equipment and gear so you don’t have to do as much of the research

Golf Course Reviews

Honest golf course reviews, written by other golfers Chasing Par (you can contribute too). A directory of Golf Courses in your area

Our hope is that a community will start to develop and we can collectively play better golf. As Chasing Par grows, we’ll be adding new features and opportunities to bring the game (and par) closer to you.

It’s going to take golfers spreading the word. Here’s how you can help Chasing Par grow:

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Thanks for checking out Chasing Par! Now, pick up your clubs (or read about how to pick the best ones) and get back to your golf game.


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