Whether you’ve just stepped into the world of golf or are a professional golfer, you’ll inevitably need a golf cart for being able to carry your clubs on the field, especially if you don’t want to burden your shoulders and back with the heavy load. With a multitude of utilizations, a golf cart can be extremely beneficial for you. Whether you’ll be using it strictly for golf, hauling feed around the firm or simply riding around the neighborhood, a golf cart can truly make your life sweeter!

Coming back to golf, with a cart, you won’t have to carry a heavy bag throughout the green. In addition, golf carts often offer a diverse range of solutions like an umbrella stand or a cup holder etc. Put simply, if you’re tired of carrying your gears in the sunlight, perhaps it’s the time to get a golf cart for convenience. You can always rent a golf cart, but the cost of renting one is usually high. So, it’s advisable to purchase your own golf cart. Now, there’re different types of golf carts available in the market. So, how do you know which type will suit you the best?

There’re three main types of golf carts that players use, namely pull carts, walk/push carts, and power carts. Each of these comes with its own benefits. In this post, we’re going to explore the features of push cart and power carts to help you make an informed choice between these two. We’ll also take a close look at the factors you need to consider when buying a golf cart.

Walk/Push cart

As the name suggests, these are manually powered, lightweight and may feel like you’re pushing next to nothing around. Push carts usually come equipped with a 3-wheel structure to make them more stable. These days, push carts have become more common compared to the old, 2-wheel pull varieties. Most of the push carts come with accessories like brakes to hold them still while you play a shot, or for slowing them down. You can also find some push carts with smooth bearings and larger wheels that glide over the grass with course-friendly air filled tyres. In addition, if you lose any object from the storage space, it can be easily noticed as the cart stays in front of you. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of push carts.


  • Ideal for flatter courses
  • More affordable alternative to power carts
  • Fit easily into a car
  • Easy to set up
  • No need to worry about charging the battery


  • Use up a large amount of energy of the player
  • The entire golf course has to be walked

Power cart

Power golf carts are being used by golfers of all ages. They allow you to transport your clubs electronically around the course, thus saving a lot of your effort and energy. These carts, being powered by a motor, eliminate the need of pushing or pulling them across the course. These small vehicles are designed to accommodate 2 adults and gears in the back. Also, top-end power golf carts come equipped with luxurious features like cooler compartments, ball cleaners, lift kits, speed controls, windshield for the run etc. Here’re the pros and cons of power golf carts.


  • More receptive to bigger golf bags, which offer more storage
  • Great choice for hilly courses
  • Batter powered – you can have some amount of exercise without straining your body
  • Help conserve the player’s energy


  • Most expensive type of golf carts
  • Maintenance
  • Transportation to the golf course

Which one to choose from?

While golf carts are extremely useful, the type that suits you the best depends entirely on your preference, nature of use, and budget. Let’s discuss some key factors before you zero in on a certain type.

The terrain of your golf course and your personal needs

If you play on flatter courses, push carts would be the ideal bet. But if your golf course has steep hills, pushing the cart uphill would be a big strain on your body. This is especially applicable if you are a senior or have health issues (like pain in the shoulders or a bad back). In such cases, investing in a power cart would be a sensible decision. However, if you are in peak physical condition and consider using the push cart a way of exercising your muscles, you may not worry about the weight of the product.  

Some may say modern push carts have extremely sophisticated wheel bearings that tend to glide effortlessly along the fairway. While pushing them with your arm out in the front, your body has to bear limited strain, which shouldn’t be much of a worry. But a strain – though limited, is a strain nonetheless. And if you think you would rather conserve this energy to utilize it better during your play, you shouldn’t think twice before voting in favor of power carts.


It’s a deciding factor while choosing your golf cart. Make sure to consider your cart’s carrying capacity (the maximum weight it can carry), and climb capability (the degree of the slope it’s capable of climbing). In case you are planning to buy power carts, don’t forget to the check the operating range, which refers to the number of holes you can play with your golf cart still functioning using a single-charged battery.

How Much do Push Carts cost?

Push carts are comparatively budget-friendly than power carts. As you look for more advanced features like setting your cart in the preferred condition, electronic tracking to program the cart based on your course’s type and characteristic etc and ease of use, the price of the power cart will go up.

In addition, you should check smaller features (such as wheels, battery, weight, storage, design, materials used, foldability, brake mechanism and optional accessories) together with warranty and after sales service before taking your final pick.

Pick your Cart

Choosing between a push cart and a power cart need not be a daunting task. Use this guide to narrow down your list to really good choices based on how and where you play the game, and what you need your cart to do for you.

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