The origin

A vision and an x-ray – that’s the point of origin of Titleist. Phil Young was an amateur, albeit a dedicated golfer, who owned a precision molded rubber company. On a Sunday in 1930, he was playing golf with his friend, who headed the local hospital’s x-ray department. Young missed a sure putt, which – he was convinced, was caused by a faulty ball. He asked his friend to x-ray the golf ball and its core was found to be off-center. This revelation made Young encouraged to get more golf balls x-rayed. Most of these were found to be defectively made with off-center cores that caused them likely to trigger erratic shots. This was Young’s inspiration to create his own line of golf balls by joining hands with his fellow MIT graduate – Fred Bommer, who was an avid golfer and a rubber specialist. Bommer was persuaded by Young to act as the Acushnet Golf Division’s chief.

Young and Bommer spent three years to get the first Titleist golf ball ready. In 1935, they launched what they called the world’s best performing golf ball boasting of the highest quality. Learning a lesson from his first x-ray check, Young set up a process check, which is still followed – and that’s x-ray check performed on every Titleist golf ball. Since its inception, Titleist golf balls have been uniform and consistent in their quality, which explains why club professionals and golfers love them.

Let’s take a quick look at how Titleist has changed the game for the better.

Since the inception, Titleist emphasized on product quality. Once steps were implemented to ensure every golf ball would perform consistently for every golfer, the team focused on involving golf professionals to validate the balls’ quality and performance excellence. The first step in this direction was taken in 1936 with the debut of the Acushnet Golf Ball Demonstration Machine. By 1945, the focus was on getting as many players as possible to play the Titleist golf balls. As a growing number of professionals (along with amateurs) started putting their trust in the brand, Titleist strengthened its position as a leader in the market. At the 1949 U.S. Open (held at Medinah Country Club), Titleist won the ball count for the first time and established itself as the leader in golf balls. 

Over the last 30+ years, a majority of professional players have played Titleist on the U.S. PGA Tour. Titleist balls have been played more than the combined number of all other golf balls.

Launch of the Pro V1

Before the year 2000, solid core golf balls that maximized distance were the preferred choice of amateur golfers. Pros then were still mostly playing wound, soft golf balls with liquid-filled centres, because of the feel, short game control, and workability they offered. During the mid-to-late 90’s, when high performance, low spin, solid golf balls were launched, pros began to switch. But a revolution began when the Pro V1 golf ball was introduced by Titleist in October 2000. Pros switched to it fast and benefited from its low spin and distance (thanks to its solid construction technology) for the first time, while retaining soft feel, high spin, and short game scoring performance. On the PGA Tour, the Pro V1 soon became the most played ball.

Other Titleist golf balls

Three years after Pro V1, the Pro V1x was launched, which had 60 fewer dimples, a thinner cover, and a firmer, larger core, which helped increase distance while decreasing spin.  

With its successive varieties, Titleist has brought a wide range of choices for golf players. The New AVX is ideal for golfers who prioritize distance with a piercing, low ball flight and low spin. Those looking for a better feel and excellent short game performance have the Tour Soft with the largest Titleist core ever and a 4CE grafted cover to encourage exceptionally fast speed for commanding distance. Players aiming for high flight on all shots to improve distance have the Velocity golf balls, which generate very low spin and more distance. If you need greater distance through low spin on long shots and improved short game spin for stopping power, Titleist has the New DT TruSoft for you. With its new TruFlex cover, advanced aerodynamics and larger low compression TruTouch core, it delivers longer distance on all shots with better control and a softer feel.

Titleist clubs and gear

Titleist hasn’t just contributed with its balls. It has the widest range of clubs and gear too, which have helped the game evolve significantly. Over the past two decades, the company has helped golfers enjoy longer, straighter distance with optimal driver launch conditions through its contemporary, adjustable club designs featuring increased Moment of Inertia (MOI), coupled with lighter, longer shafts. Today, Titleist TS3 brings an adaptable sweet spot suited for speed-tuned performance, while TS2 helps a golfer swing aggressively with optimum forgiveness across the face.

If you are searching for scoring clubs, you have the Titleist 818 hybrids that allow dead aim with shots you never had before. With the company’s 718 irons, players are rewarded in every way they can imagine – from feel and distance to precision shot making and playability.

From golf bags, headwear, and gloves to travel gear and accessories, the brand offers it all to help golfers enjoy a superior game quality.

Golf ball and golf club fitting

This is yet another way Titleist has helped the game. The company’s dedicated team of golf ball fitters offer comprehensive consultation on the features and advantages of every golf ball in the Titleist line. Additionally, they offer all-inclusive game assessment with full TrackMan launch monitor to complete their golf ball and golf club fitting services. Thus, golfers can play better and enjoy lower scores with the company’s golf ball fitting services. With its golf club fitting services, Titleist aims to not just determine players’ specifications, but even help them learn which shots they need and find the appropriate clubs to hit those shots.

Titleist offers golf club trial sets too, which are flexible, convenient and free. You simply need to find a trial set location, inspect your trial clubs, and go straight to the course or practice tee.

Those who think Titleist is just a golf equipment and apparel manufacturer have got it wrong. The brand is much more than that. Driven by a true passion for the game, it has transformed the game’s quality and is doing all it can to help players – both amateurs and pros.

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