The history of the Los Angeles Country Club (LACC) is a fascinating tale that intertwines golf, architecture, and cultural evolution. Established in 1897 as the Los Angeles Golf Club, LACC has since evolved into one of Southern California’s most acclaimed golf courses.

Throughout this blog post, we will delve into the various stages of development at LACC, including its transition from the original club to its current Beverly Hills location. We will also explore key figures who played significant roles in designing and developing the renowned North Course.

Moreover, our exploration of the history of Los Angeles Country Club would be incomplete without discussing high-profile tournaments held there and notable members who have graced its fairways. Additionally, we’ll examine how technological advancements in golf have impacted LACC’s reputation and attracted international attention.

Last but not least, we’ll discuss unique aspects such as LACC’s picturesque setting amidst urban surroundings and look forward to hosting their first U.S. Open event – a true testament to this historic club’s enduring legacy.

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Founding and Early Years of LACC

The Los Angeles Country Club, a Southern California institution, was founded in 1897 as the Los Angeles Golf Club and opened its first 18-hole course within two years.

Transition from Los Angeles Golf Club to LACC

The club rebranded itself as the Los Angeles Country Club to accommodate its growing membership and solidify its status among other esteemed golf clubs in Southern California.

Establishment of the Beverly Hills Location

  • Beverly Hills: LACC’s prime location between Westwood and Beverly Hills neighborhoods made it one of LA’s most sought-after country clubs.
  • Olympic Club: The Olympic Club is another prestigious golf venue that has been part of Los Angeles’ rich sports history since its inception.
  • Southern California Golf Courses: The area boasts numerous top-tier courses such as Wilshire Country Club and Riviera Country Clubs which have hosted major tournaments like PGA Tour events over decades making them must-play destinations for any avid golfer visiting the region.

The early success of LACC can be attributed to its excellent facilities and the passion and dedication of its founding members, including renowned golf course architect George Thomas.

The Birth of the North Course

The North Course at the Los Angeles Country Club opened on August 10th, 1921, designed by William Herbert Fowler, with input from Edward B. Tufts and George C. Thomas Jr.

Fowler’s Vision for the North Course

Fowler’s expertise as a golf course architect helped create the North Course’s rolling hills, wide sand washes, and massive sycamore & pine trees, making it a picturesque setting for golfers.

Tufts and Thomas’s Contributions

  • Tufts: As chairman of LACC’s green committee, Tufts helped guide Fowler and oversaw other club improvements.
  • Thomas: A talented golfer himself, Thomas provided invaluable input and feedback, ensuring optimal playability and challenge.

Tufts and Thomas also introduced innovative ideas, such as the rubber-filled Haskell & Kempshall “bounding Billies,” which revolutionized how ordinary mortals could play golf, resulting in lower scores and attracting attention from celebrities like Hugh Hefner and Groucho Marx.

Notable Tournaments Hosted at LACC

Among the most notable events held at this iconic Los Angeles venue are the five instances when it hosted the Los Angeles Open, as well as its first-ever hosting of the Walker Cup Match in 2017.

Southern California Open played amidst severe winds & dry conditions

In addition to these high-profile competitions, LACC has also been home to other challenging tournaments such as the Southern California Open.

This event was particularly memorable due to players having to battle against strong winds and extremely dry course conditions, testing their skills and determination on one of Southern California’s finest golf courses.

Hosting U.S.Open for first time ever in year “2023”

LACC is set to make history once again by hosting its first-ever U.S. Open Championship in 2023.

As one of America’s premier golf clubs, this milestone will further solidify LACC’s status among elite country clubs like Wilshire Country Club and Olympic Club.

Golf fans can expect an exciting showdown between top professionals on George Thomas’ beautifully designed North Course.

  • Tournament: Los Angeles Open (5 times)
  • Tournament: Walker Cup Match (2017)
  • Tournament: Southern California Open
  • Upcoming Tournament: U.S. Open Championship (2023)

The Los Angeles Country Club has been renowned for its provision of outstanding golf experiences, with both amateur and professional players eager to visit the iconic site in Beverly Hills.

With its stunning location in Beverly Hills, LACC continues to be an iconic institution within the Southern California golf community.

Adapting to Change: The Evolution of Los Angeles Country Club

The Los Angeles Country Club has always been at the forefront of golf innovation, from the introduction of rubber-filled Haskell and Kempshall “bounding Billies” to its current status as a premier destination for golfers in Southern California.

Revolutionizing Golf Play with “Bounding Billies”

The adoption of rubber-filled golf balls at LACC revolutionized the game, providing greater distance and control for players and ultimately improving overall performance on the course.

From Exclusive Club to Inclusive Institution

  • Then: Membership guidelines at LACC were once strict, preventing some celebrities from joining.
  • Now: The club has become more inclusive, welcoming a diverse range of members while maintaining its status as a premier golf destination.

Nestled between Westwood and Beverly Hills, LACC remains an iconic Southern California institution and a hidden gem for those in search of exceptional golf experiences.

Famous Members and Their Achievements

The Los Angeles Country Club boasts notable members who have made significant achievements in golf, including Norman Macbeth Jr., a celebrated amateur golfer with multiple titles.

Norman Macbeth Jr.’s Impressive Career

Norman Macbeth Jr. Norman Macbeth Jr. earned accolades in the amateur golfing circuit, securing titles such as the Southern California Amateur Championship and Los Angeles City Amateur Championship; these successes bolstered LACC’s status as a leading golf club in SoCal.

Celebrity Interest in LACC Membership

Over the years, LACC’s exclusivity and prestige have attracted attention from numerous celebrities, including Hugh Hefner and Groucho Marx, who were unable to secure membership due to strict guidelines during past eras (source).

Recently, LACC has become more inclusive, welcoming people from different backgrounds into this iconic Los Angeles Golf Club, resulting in an increase in interest from various high-profile individuals who appreciate the world-class amenities and golf courses offered by this Southern California institution.

Unique Location and Course Features

The Los Angeles Country Club, a hidden gem nestled between Westwood and Beverly Hills, offers an unforgettable golfing experience for both amateur and seasoned players.

The North Course provides a serene oasis in the heart of bustling Los Angeles with rolling hills, wide sand washes, and massive sycamore & pine trees creating a picturesque setting for golfers.

Picturesque Landscape of the North Course

From lush green fairways to strategically placed bunkers and water hazards, every aspect of this meticulously designed course adds to its allure.

Not only does it provide stunning views of downtown Los Angeles but also boasts close proximity to popular attractions like Beverly Hills Green Door Mansion.

Hidden Gem Status Due to Its Discreet Location

  • No Visible Signage: LACC’s discreet entrance is one remarkable feature – there’s no visible signage from outside indicating that you’re entering one of Southern California’s most exclusive country clubs.
  • Luxurious Amenities: Members can enjoy world-class amenities such as fine dining options at their elegant clubhouse or unwind after a round at their state-of-the-art spa.
  • Prime Location: LACC’s central location makes it easily accessible for golfers across the city, and its proximity to iconic landmarks like UCLA and Rodeo Drive adds to its appeal.

The Los Angeles Country Club is a serene escape in the midst of an otherwise vibrant and glamorous city.

It’s no wonder that this prestigious club, designed by legendary architect George Thomas, continues to attract golf enthusiasts from around the world.

FAQs in Relation to the History of the Los Angeles Country Club

When was the Los Angeles Country Club founded?

Has LA Country Club ever hosted the US Open?

No, but it will host its first-ever U.S. Open Championship in 2023 on their North Course.

Where did country clubs originate?

Country clubs originated in Scotland during the late 18th century as social organizations for golf enthusiasts who wanted private courses and exclusive amenities.

Explore the history of country clubs.

How much is the land worth for the LA Country Club?

The land value of LACC is estimated to be over $10 billion due to its prime location between Westwood and Beverly Hills.

Read more about this estimation here.


Open for the first time and attracting high-profile tournaments and members.

With two distinct courses and a picturesque setting amidst urban surroundings, LACC remains a world-renowned golf destination.

The club’s commitment to maintaining its hidden gem atmosphere while embracing technological advancements has allowed it to stay relevant in an ever-changing golf landscape.

Whether you’re an amateur golfer or seeking out new courses to play, LACC’s history offers a fascinating glimpse into one of California’s most iconic golf clubs.

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