Are you a serious golfer who wants to improve your game and reach your full potential? Here, in this blog post you will learn about some of the top golf courses in the US

Whether you want to get better at playing golf or want new ideas for places to play when visiting another country. We have come up with the perfect list of these best courses in the US.

Not only because will they help improve your game and make you a better player. They will also provide some much needed escape from everyday life.

Following Are Listed Some Top Golf Courses in the US

River Oaks Golf Course

River Oaks Golf Course is an 18 hole, par 63 golf course designed by Arthur Hills. It sits on 140 acres across from a reservoir near Mt. Diablo State Park between the Contra Costa and Alameda County line in Pleasanton, California.

It should go without saying that the golf course has green spaces stretching as far as the eye can see. All of them also come up against a breathtaking view from whichever angle you look at it.

Sterling Hills Golf Club

A private country club in the heart of a tranquil valley. Sterling Hills Golf Club offers endless hours of entertainment for guests and members alike.

The Club has hosted golf tournaments since opening in the mid-1950s. It is home to one of the oldest 18-hole courses in California. Nestled on a gently sloping hillside that overlooks acres of natural woodlands. Sterling Hills Golf Club is just minutes from wine tasting rooms and fine dining establishments in Northern California.

De Anza Desert Country Club

De Anza, a tranquil paradise within the greater Bay Area, is an idyllic spot for golf enthusiasts. It is therefore, a great spot for horse lovers and anyone looking for a peaceful evening.

Arrowhead Golf Course

Arrowhead Golf Course in California was the first public golf course west of the Mississippi river. This historic golf course has also hosted many famous names.

The Arrowhead Golf Club, sits atop a natural amphitheater overlooking the Santa Clara Valley with views of Silicon Valley. The fairways are challenging and divided by gnarled oak trees set among lakes where many of the holes are located.

Other Famous Golf Courses in the US

Mountain Springs Golf & Country Club

The home of the California Open, Mountain Springs Golf and CC features a must-play golf course, exclusive amenities and one-of-a-kind select community.

Offering three distinctive golf courses and a beautiful place to live in the heart of California. Mountain Springs Golf & Country Club is also a favorite for both locals and visitors

Twin Oaks Golf Course

Twin Oaks Golf Course, is a golf course in Oakland, California. It has been rated one of the top golf courses in the US on earth by Golf Digest.

The course offers open fairways with elevated greens and six different tee boxes to match every golfer. With its impeccably manicured turf and also its ability to play even during inclement weather. Twin Oaks is an outstanding choice for golfers looking for a high-value day at an affordable price.

Conclusion – 

It’s no mystery that California has some of the top golf courses in the US.