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Analytics continues to be a hot topic in sports as to how effective the accumulated data can positively impact an athlete’s or team’s play. Winning matters. Winning is profitable. Can winning be a formula?

The first step to improvement is understanding where you are today. In golf, it’s always been easy to understand how you are playing and where your game needs improvement. Everything is measured individually and it’s painfully obvious where you’re making mistakes – especially when you’ve got a couple of minutes until your next shot to analyze what just happened. Those precious minutes also allow for you to visualize your next shot and strategically think what your best play is. Usually for the average golfer, that means “Go for it!” or “play it safe.”

On one hand, that pause between plays in sports like Golf, Football and Baseball have a bigger chance to adjust on the fly and often seeing the data can give you a much better chance.

Historically, this data could be reflecting on what was recorded last time. For golfers it’s knowing what club to pull out of your bag when your ball is in the rough, or when your 135 yards from the green. That doesn’t take technology to figure out. I can remember being taught to record my yardages on a recipe card and keep in it my back pocket in case I forgot (or was trying to go for it).

Now, the way data is captured and how you “see” the course has many options to give you and edge. Some of this technology is more sophisticated than others, but all are designed to make you a smarter player who makes better decisions on the course.

We’ve been looking at all the technology available for golfers from smart clubs, to apps and accessories to see what’s most relevant and helpful.

Here’s the Smart Golf categories we narrowed Golf Tech into:

  1. Wearables
  2. Apps
  3. Equipment
  4. Accessories

Each of these Golf tech reviews, we’ll show you what it’s supposed to do, how it does it and what that means for you on course and how effective we feel it will be for improving your golf game.

Focusing on the best reviewed and top rated products, we feel this list of golf gadgets can help improve your game.

Many of these items are pricey, but if it saves you from losing a few extra balls each round, it’ll certainly pay for itself.

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