19th Hole Collection

Introducing the “19th Hole” collection

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Some golfers kick back after a long round with a refreshing beverage, while others need to keep the buzz going after their beer-per-hole pace. We’ve even seen some golfers skip their round all together just to enjoy the 19th hole for as long as possible. 

No matter the reason for being in the clubhouse enjoying a cold one, we know it’s one of the places you hold dear to your heart, no matter which course it happens to be located on.  Chase the Golfer is no different. After doing everything he can to get his 18 holes completed (chasing par, of course), he grabs something on tap and reflects on how incredibly good (or bad) his round was.

Celebrate your love of the 19th hole with this collection of Chase the Golfer products from Chasing Par.  Available now, for your enjoyment.

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