Canada is a big country and doesn’t have as many golf courses as you might expect. There are a few great ones, however, so we’ve rounded up the best golf courses in Canada for your consideration. Some are more high-end than others, but all of them provide spectacular scenery and challenging layouts to keep any avid golfer entertained.          

Explore Some of The Best Golf Courses in Canada

Sun shore Golf Course

If you’re looking for a great place to play golf in Canada, then the Sun shore Golf Course is your ideal choice. It features a premier 36-hole facility on beautiful greens, with excellent clubhouse facilities and ranges. 

Fernie Golf & Country Club 

The best thing about playing golf at Fernie Golf & Country Club is that it gives you the chance to enjoy nature’s beauty. Whether you’re playing a round during daytime in summer or enjoying the views at night looking out at a distant mountain range. The club’s 18-hole course complements other nearby attractions like its clubhouse and pro shop.

Kelowna Springs Golf Course

Many people who visit the golf course for the first time might feel that there is not a lot of tactility in playing golf. This may be true to some extent, but a golfer’s desire for speed and feeling in their swing will more than make up for this. Kelowna Springs Golf Course is a challenging course that tests both your skill and your patience, encouraging you to work hard every time you play it. 

Features of the Best Golf Courses in Canada

Mission Hills Golf Course

Mission Hills Golf Course is a beautiful 18-hole golf course located in Victoria, BC. 

When it comes to golf courses in Canada, Mission Hills Golf Course is one of the best options for your next game. With gorgeous scenery and many things to do outside of playing golf, this resort is worth its weight in gold. Mission Hills Golf Course has something for everyone with a family atmosphere, amazing view at the 18th hole and a stunning clubhouse. Possible courses for future golf courses in Canada could be Mission Hills Golf Course because it is one of the best looking golf courses in British Columbia.  

Pender Island Golf & Country Club

The Pender Island Golf & Country Club is an award-winning golf course located on beautiful Pender Island just 30 minutes north of Vancouver, British Columbia. We are one of the best golf courses in all of Canada, which is an accolade we share with some of the world’s most prestigious courses. It’s also ideal for hosting events such as weddings, corporate outings or just a day out for family and friends to enjoy nature at its finest.  

Newlands Golf & Country Club   

Newlands Golf & Country Club is the best place to play golf in Canada. Near Vancouver and Calgary, these beautiful courses are challenging, yet enjoyable for all skill levels. From beginner tee shots to professional golfers enjoying a round of 18 holes, it’s a favorite spot for groups of friends or companies looking to entertain clients while getting some fresh air and exercise.