A breakdown of interesting words in golf, and the origin story behind them. Learn more unusual words used by golfers in the Chasing Par Golf Glossary.

We’re super excited to announce our golf course glossary is officially live. You might have noticed the highlight feature being tested in articles and we’ve now rolled it out across the entire Chasing Par site.

Why build a Golf Dictionary?
Our goal has always been to focus on players who are looking to start playing more golf – often being beginners. Golf can be a very intimidating game to start playing and we want to show the rest of the world (who’s interested) how great the sport actually is. By breaking one major barrier – vocabulary – we feel this can make our content easier to read while still utilizing the casual humour and slang that comes with being on the course.

We didn’t coin the words in the dictionary, we’ve used this more as a reference of existing golf lingo and to add context. We’re doing some digging into the origins of some words and phrases that we’ll be telling the story of over time, although, we haven’t decided if it will work best as a blog, video or podcast… stay tuned.

Two ways to use the Golf Glossary:
1. Take a look at the articles and hover over underlined terms to have a preview of the definition and click through to the full glossary term.

2. Start with a word in the glossary and find links to posts that use the word and find more related content. Hint: If you look up hole-in-one, you’ll find the related content will include all of the golf course reviews that talk about hole-in-ones… we’re watching this one closely.

Growth Continues for Chasing Par
This is one more tool that we’ve launched this year as the brand has grown and we’re working on other new features (and a couple of events) that we’re hoping to announce very soon. Sign up for our newsletter, we tend to share the goods there first.

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