Getting prepared for each swing you take can seem like a time waster, but it doesn’t have to be as ridiculously time-consuming as some of the antics you see on the PGA tour.
No need to check your grip or stance hundreds of times, or worry about hollering in your back swing from the gallery of fans.
What does matter for every golfer is getting focused before each shot. There’s a lot of time between shots to replay the swing and relive the results. Make each shot count with a quick pre-shot checklist.
Every golfer has a different way to get ready for a shot. Happy Gilmore needs to step into it.

Quick Pre-Golf Shot Checklist

  • Grip your club comfortably. Don’t squeeze tight, no matter how big a shot it is. Check that the club face will be aligning with your ball to ensure good contact.
  • Take a light swing to feel the weight of the club. Avoid hitting the ground; use this swing to trigger your muscle memory. Visualize making contact with the ball, hearing the sound of the sweet spot and seeing the shot you’re going for.
  • Have good footing, as best as the conditions allow. Feel your weight balanced on your feet
  • Line up your feet to the ball, remembering loosely that the bigger the club, the closer the ball should be to your front foot.
  • Be comfortable. Take a deep breath. Visualize the shot. Swing.
  • Keep your head down as you swing, taking a peek too early can cause your whole body to rise up and a lot can go wrong.
  • Follow through and let that pull your eyes up to finding your ball already in flight.
Modify these to suit your own game and customize for each club. It’s not uncommon to have a different routine on the tee box as it’s the only time all golfers have the exact same shot ahead of them. You can also have a different routine for putting. Different routines may be required depending on your ball’s placement on the fairway, rough or in the sand.

Download the pre-swing checklist by clicking here

Make it your own. Have fun with it. Whatever it takes for you to get in the zone. A consistent swing leads to consistent shots and that’s a great way to shave strokes off your scorecard.
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