Air Max 1G: Iconic Runner for the Golf Course

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March 26th celebrates one of the most iconic Nike sneakers ever designed; the Air Max 1.
Air Max Day this year is a little different. While there’s no special releases, there is a golf version of the storied trainer in its most infamous colourway of White & Red with a splash of grey. The Air Max 1 G is available for you to wear on course.
Sneakers that have started their life in another sport have become more popular for golfers, and it makes perfect sense. The comfort and fit that most people are used to translates easily to golf shoes, especially if they are from sports that require endurance (like these Air Max 1s that are for distance running) or sports that need lateral support like basketball, tennis and soccer. The same sideways push off that you require in those sports is also required in golf to hold a strong foundation during your swing.
Thus, the most popular (based on sales) trainer that has graced the course in Men’s and Women’s sizes and colours has another reason to celebrate on Air Max Day. It could be thought of as a rebirth after retirement or a new opportunity for a top performing star.
Checkout all of the colourways that we could find that have been released around the globe since the Air Max 1 was modified for the golf course, including a limited edition version that is “camouflage grass.” Just as it sounds, the shoe looks entirely like it’s made out of turf.

This post written by Sneaker Skip. A sneakerhead who’s shoe collection is full of basketball kicks and retro running trainers, but who you’ll find mostly on the golf course.

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