7 Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Golf Day

Whether you’ve considered a golf day for your business in the past or not, I’m sure there will be someone in your office who has attended one.

You might already be running an annual golf day, but doing so for the wrong reasons.

For example:

“Our competitors have one”

“We’ve always had one”

“Our marketing budget needs to be spent on something”

As Northern Ireland’s market leader in corporate golf day event creation and management Golf Events Northern Ireland are here to make your next golf day event better and make your investment worthwhile

Take a minute to read over our handy 7 point guide below:

1. Corporate Golf Day means Quality Relaxed Client Time

In the busy business world, most of us inhabit time is very often at a premium. Given your prospect’s busy schedule, normally you might only be lucky enough to have their attention for a few minutes.

Hosting a corporate golf day gives you the ability to have an extended period of time with these prospects. Without suits, agendas, or offices to formalize the scenario, you’ll be able to connect with each guest on a more personal level.

Inviting existing clients to your corporate golf day as well not only rewards them for their ongoing custom but allows them to mix naturally with other guests and explain the relationship & service you provide to them. If you’re confident in your product/service, then these existing clients should naturally act as sales staff for you on the day. This will act as social proofing, which is key to conversion in modern consumer and B2B transactions.

Additionally, and almost as importantly, a corporate golf day provides a smart organizer with the chance to strengthen their networks by pairing two attendees together for the benefit of each other’s cause. For example, your external accountant playing with one of your small, yet growing clients might provide the perfect ingredients for a developing relationship.

2. Showcase your Professionalism

The way in which you organize and execute a golf event will reflect on your business and how it runs. A well-run golf day will reinforce the services and quality levels of your company. This is where Golf Events Northern Ireland can be of most benefit to your organization. We have a proven record of creating and delivering magnificent corporate golf days in Northern Ireland, leaving you able to concentrate on spending quality time with your guests whilst we ensure your golf day glides smoothly along.

3. Use a Corporate Golf Outing to Stand Out

With a Golf Events Northern Ireland golf day, you have the opportunity to distinguish your company from your competition.

We work closely with you or your team to make sure that your corporate golf day is the one that your current and prospective clients want to attend again and again.

It’s possible that at the end of the day people won’t remember exactly what you said or did, they will certainly remember how you treated them and made them feel.

Bring something different to your event each year, whether it’s halfway house refreshments between the 9th and 10th holes, a trick shot show, or a coaching clinic. Create moments for your clients, they will then associate these feelings with your business.

4. Your Client Golf Expereince will Increase Brand Awareness

You want your guests to be so happy after your corporate golf event that they tell one and all how well they were treated and what a marvelous host your company was. As an example, hiring a photographer is a great way to create content for the day and memories for your guests. Be sure to have the photographer(s) available for the whole day, from guest arrival, teeing off, on the course, reception drinks, and dinner. Create an album on your Facebook page or upload to a photo hosting website and have them available to download for free. Some photographers may offer to print what they captured on the day for when your guests return to the clubhouse.

5. Use a Corporate Golf Event for Social Media Exposure

In today’s social media jungle, where engagement and shares rule overall, social media plays a big part in the perception of individuals, groups, and businesses. You can give specific events a hashtag to use, accompanied by a screen with a live stream of hashtag usage. If the experience is good enough your guests will be only too quick to make their colleagues who missed out envious by splattering it all over social media

6. Create Future Content on your Golf day

Your marketing and sales teams will be left with loads of content from the day that they can use when creating campaigns and strategies long after your corporate golf day has been and gone. Little things like getting your client’s date of birth on a registration form mean you can send a birthday card next time around.

7. Use Golf for Gratitude and Recognition

Corporate outings are important opportunities to thank existing clients for their loyalty and business.

Superficially, your company doesn’t benefit, however, a sizeable degree of loyalty is promoted with your clients and they realize you are thinking about their cause and not just selling to them.

Relationships are one of the major keys to successful business growth, and a well-organized corporate golf day can be an ideal way to build these relationships.

This post was written by John Ferguson. For more information, contact Northern Ireland’s corporate golf day experts at www.golfeventsni.com to help you create a properly executed, professional, and memorable corporate golf day that your clients will remember for all the right reasons