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12 (Funny) Gifts for the Golfer on Your List

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Funny Golf Socks

Whether it’s a celebration or a prank, a gift can say a lot about you, but if the focus in on a golfer we are happy to tell you that we’ve gathered the perfect items for the perfect (and not so perfect) golfers out there.

Sierrasil Leaps And Bounds

For dads, Grandads, sons, uncles, brothers, or any relative or friend really that truly loves to watch golf or to have the perfect excuse not to leave the couch for any reason. These high-quality cotton with no-slip socks are one size fits all, and for a really great price, you can make someone laugh and share this great funny memory with you.

Funny Golf Socks Price: $41.34 -Perfect gift -Golf lovers -Green grip -Different & unique gift for any occasion -Golf on demand shop on amazon Funny Golf Socks

2. Emoji Golf Balls Gift Edition – Deluxe

“For the golfer who has everything”. If you have run out of ideas of what to get to that person who loves golf but already has their cart full of equipment, clothing, and gear, don’t panic. These will get the greatest laugh from them, and hey, they will know which ones are their golf balls on the golf course in no time!

There are fourteen golf balls, ten tees, and one divot tool inside this box of fun. You can watch their fun reaction when they open this and that is priceless. To top that, only seeing them play with emoji balls on a golf course for real. But wait, that is not all, their manufacturer gives you one-year money back guarantee, for you to buy with confidence! Now, this is what I call fun! If you are not sold yet, let me tell you one more thing, these emoji balls are the real deal. 83% of customers gave them 5 stars on Amazon.

Emoji Golf Balls Gift Edition – Deluxe Price: $34.29 -Wow factor -Distinguish your golf balls in the game -Quality golf gift for your various occasions -Money back guarantee Shop on amazon Emoji Golf Balls Gift Edition – Deluxe

3. Feelin Good Tees World’s Okayest Golfer Sports Golfing Golf Funny T-Shirt

We all know playing golf can be very competitive, but it’s mainly about the experience, and improvement, right? Whether if the gift receiver is actually pretty good at playing golf or not, this will work, because either it’s true or you are messing with that great player’s pride. Who doesn’t love a good joke? If you feel they are literally a “great sport”, this is the one for you to purchase right here.

Now, all jokes aside, these T-shirts come in eight different sizes, from small to 5X-Large, and also come in fifteen different colours (it’s for all of us okay golfers, basically).

90% of consumers say it fits as expected, and 78% of customers gave it 5 stars, while 15% gave it 4 stars.
It’s priced for $16.99 on Amazon right now. If you ask me, this is a pretty great deal.


Feelin Good Tees World’s Okayest Golfer Sports Golfing Golf Funny T Shirt Price: From $9.24 -Awesome fit -Top quality -Great feel -Have fun -Makes a great gift shop on amazon Feelin Good Tees World’s Okayest Golfer Sports Golfing Golf Funny T Shirt

4. A Life Well Played: My Stories (Commemorative Edition) Hardcover

Deckle Edge, September 19, 2017 by Arnold Palmer (Author), Jack Nicklaus (Foreword)

On a more serious note, you can get this great book from the life of Arnold Palmer. (Or Arnie for us intimates). He was a great man, golfing hero, and inspiration to so many. You probably know who are we talking about.
This book comes in 4 different versions, namely Kindle for the commute readers, Hardcover for the ones like me, that loves to feel the paperweight and be able to turn the page, Audiobook for the busy ones that want to make every minute of the day count, and Audio CD for the old schools.Thesecomeatgreatprices,andifyouarestartingtheA​ udible​trial,yougetthisbookfor free.

Everyone can enjoy this gift, really. So with this one, the chances of success are BIG.
Just so you know, out of 363 Amazon buyers, 83% gave this book 5 stars.
PS.: If you haven’t tried an “Arnold Palmer”, or an “Arnie Palmie” yet, it’s your chance. This great man invented the half iced tea half lemonade refresher that we all know and love.

A Life Well Played: My Stories (Commemorative Edition) Price: $18.47 shop on amazon A Life Well Played: My Stories (Commemorative Edition)

5. Golf Is a Nice Relaxing Way…. Golfer’s Coffee Mug

“Golf is a Nice Relaxing Way – Funny Coffee Mug” IS SURE TO MAKE ANYONE SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR! The best gifts are both personal and functional, and that’s why this “Golf is a Nice Relaxing Way – Funny Coffee Mug” is a fantastic choice. You can also dress the mug up even more by placing additional gifts inside, such as stickers, magnets, candies and chocolates, or coffee grounds and tea bags

Funny Golf Coffee Mug Price: $17.69 -The size of coffee cup/mugs: 11oz. -Dishwasher / Microwave Safe -FDA prove,Pead free,made with food grade ceramic,heavy duty and healthy quality shop on amazon Funny Golf Coffee Mug

6. ​POLIGO 7pcs Golf-Club Style BBQ Grill Tool Set with Rubber Handle

Stainless Steel BBQ Accessories in Golf-Club Style Bag – Complete Barbecue Grilling Utensils Set

Poligo 7pcs Golf Club Style BBQ Price: $74.46 The 7pcs bbq set includes: golf-club style spatula, power tongs, fork, 2 Golf-Ball Style salt & pepper shaker, silicone basting brush and golf storage bag. shop on amazon Poligo 7pcs Golf Club Style BBQ

This is a nicely designed, very well made barbecue kit, according to consumers. For golfers and barbecue lovers, this set comes in a case, which makes it easier to travel and move around with. At a great price and quality, 72% of consumers gave it 5 stars, and 18% gave it 4. You can choose from different sets, starting at $20.99.

Perfect for spring and summer, outdoor parties, celebrations, family reunions, and gatherings, the golf-club style design set specifically comes at $23.29. It comes in a light, durable, waterproof golf portable storage case and contains 7 pieces, including a golf-club style spatula, 2 golf-ball style shakers, and a silicone basting brush.

It gets better: It’s 100% money-back guaranteed. According to the manufacturer, “O​ ur main purpose as a seller is to provide the best products, customer service and bring an excellent shopping experience to every customer, we guarantee that if any of our customers are not satisfied with our product, we offer you a full refund – risk-free purchase.”

Here’s a great excuse to invite yourself to a friend’s barbecue!

7. ​3 Piece Executive Tabletop Golf Coffee Mug Set

A simple, innovative, fun gift, ideal for family, friends, coworkers, or even your boss (and mug collectors) that is super affordable too! For $10.99 this 11oz mug can bring someone a smile and give something to distract themselves and practice golf (even if it’s super miniature) at the same time.

From Amazon reviews, 76% of customers gave this golf mug and pin 5 stars.

Kovot Executive Tabletop Golf Mug Price: $35.57 Set Includes: 1 Mug, 1 Golf Club-Shaped Pen, 1 Mini Golf Ball. shop on amazon Kovot Executive Tabletop Golf Mug

8. ​Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder, Novelty Gifts with 3 Pieces Aluminum Pen Office Desk.

Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder Price: $58.58 Best top golf gift, novelty desk gift, christmas gift, souvenir, office for dedicated golfer, golf fans, men, father, boyfriend. shop on amazon Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder

Don’t we all love miniatures? This is very, if not the most unique gift you’ll see (probably in your life, lol). A golf bag holder with golf club pens. Who doesn’t want that??

It’s efficient, decorative, as we said, very unique, and it comes with 3 different ink colors, and the bag itself comes in 9 different color combinations, which makes this gift even more exclusive and different from everything else you’ve seen. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, these golf bags come with a plastic green lawn, with a golf ball and everything. Your golf bag stays parked the whole time.

Also, these golf bags have a movable handle to adjust to every platform, as well as working rubber wheels (how cool is that?).
These babies also have a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you are not 100% satisfied with your product for, and I quote, ANY reason.

They are at $21.99 on Amazon, a very reasonable price if you ask me, and we have saved the best for last: it’s customer approved! 78% of customers gave these cuties 5 stars.

Tip from our team: Check for alma mater colors : ) gives the gift a nice touch

9. Mini Putt Training Green for the Bathroom

This bathroom mini golf toy game gift set with all its accessories for your toilet golfing putting practice is perfect gift ideas for any avid golfer or golfing fan, or anyone who is passionate and loves golf. The exciting bathroom golf gadgets game adds fun and excitement and is the perfect gift for any golf lover.

PRACTICE WHILE TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. With this hilarious, whimsical, nostalgic mini golf game for any bathroom, you can now practice your short game while taking care of your business. Offers an incentive to go to the bathroom. Get extra golfing, putting practice with every trip to the bathroom.

Toilet Golf Price: $13.99 Now you can play and practice golf putting indoors without going far away. This fun mini golf toilet game is designed to add entertainment to any bathroom while taking a deuce. shop on amazon Toilet Golf

10. ​Mouth Blown Fine Crystal Golf Ball Bottle Stopper

This environmentally sustainable all-natural components golf ball bottle stopper not only looks good but it comes with a great price. For $13.90 on Amazon, this handmade glass bottle stopper will bring elegance to every bar with its unique design, and delicacy.
Perfect for every wine & golf lover, this charming product got 5 stars from 90% of the customers that purchased it.

From all bottle stoppers options out there, this is the one we recommend, and apparently so does a lot of people.

Mouth Blown Fine Crystal Golf Ball Bottle Stopper Price: $40.37 Enjoy this great gift idea for him or her , grab the bag and the bottle and lets give them something to talk about. shop on amazon Mouth Blown Fine Crystal Golf Ball Bottle Stopper

11. Nice Shot Golf Glove”The Bird” AAA Premium Cabretta Leather

Made of premium Cabretta leather, this glove is not only amusing but very efficient. It’s water and sweat resistant, and it comes with a size chart so you can get what works best for you. There are both right and left options, so no one feels left out.
We understand it’s not a gift for everybody, so we leave you with similar but milder (still great) options such as t​ his​ one or t​ his​ one (different fingers involved).
For $20 we feel this is a pretty good deal, even for yourself. What better reason to play if not to have fun,​ eh?

Nice Shot Golf Glove The Bird AAA Premium Cabretta Leather Price: $30.00 -Made of Premium Cabretta Leather -Durable -Stylish and unique design -Water and sweat resistant -Hand orientation refers to the hand the glove is worn on shop on amazon Nice Shot Golf Glove The Bird AAA Premium Cabretta Leather

12. Titleist Pro V1 Personalized Golf Balls Half Price

We might have saved the best for last. Having something personalized with your name and initials is always special and can last forever, move from generation to generation.
There are 12 different types of color (design) for you to choose from, you click on the one you like the most, and then on “customize now” and fill it out.

These customized golf balls have a high performance,​ 2-piece construction balls with aerodynamic dimples.

A true hit! There’s no way you can go wrong with these.

90% of customers were satisfied with their customized golf balls, giving this product a 5 stars review on Amazon. Also, their manufacturer turns out to have a 97% positive approval over the past twelve months (294 total ratings).

A case with 12 balls are around $34, and worth every cent apparently.

Titleist Pro V1 Personalized Golf Balls Half Price Price: $33.19 Personalize your 1 Dozen Titleist Pro V1x golf balls with up to 3 lines of text. shop on amazon Titleist Pro V1 Personalized Golf Balls Half Price

Get Shopping!

Choose a gift thinking about the other person, remember, it’s not about you. We brought you funny, but mostly efficient gifts that we believe will bring joy and laughter to your friends and family, and cherish-able moments as well.

We believe you will make the best pick from all of these, or at least a pretty good idea for you to start from, with great and different options for you to get your loved ones.

Let us know in the comments section what did you think of these, and which one is your favorite.

Chasing Par is all about enjoying the game, even if it’s getting a gag gift – or two. Having fun is one thing, improving your golf score is another thing we’re serious about. Make sure you’ve got these essentials in your golf bag, and that you’ve chosen a good pair of golf shoes for your next round!

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