This story comes partly from getting stuck in YouTube’s golfing rabbit hole that I find myself in, and hope to make content just as good for our audiences. There are a lot of great YouTubers making content about golf courses, reviewing products and getting others to play.

Most are pro golfers who have a lot of great knowledge to share and give a bunch of great tips for improving your game. Spanning the globe, we bring you our first list of golfers on YouTube that you should watch and subscribe to! Let us know in the comments below if there’s golf content on YouTube you love watching that should be added to this list.

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels finds out how entry level Slazenger clubs (the cheapest he could find) actually play on the golf course

Rick Shiels has a bunch of great videos, ranging from playing against Dude Perfect, giving helpful advice, reviewing drivers, golf challenges and playing epic courses. As a PGA Golf Coach and Golf Professional, watching Rick’s content is like having an experienced coach who’s both qualified and very entertaining.

Peter Finch Golf

Getting out on the course with Peter Finch, Ty and Cody from Dude Perfect.

I’ve always been interested in everyone who plays golf and how wide the range of players is. While they mainly do trick shots, these guys are famous for playing multi-spot golf; Ty and Cody from Dude Perfect are actually decent golfers. In this video, Peter brings them and Rick Shields (also on our list) along for one of his golf course vlogs. Seeing how Peter views the course and chooses to play each shot shows his expertise and makes you want to take a lesson with him (if you happen to be in Burley). Check out Peter’s Channel for more golf course reviews, free golf tips, and golf drills to improve your golf game!


Playing the Summer Solstice at Bandon Dunes in Oregon

Skratch is a really enjoyable golf channel that covers adventures and lifestyle of golf. Some of the favourites include playing golf with a rebar club in Mumbai, volunteering at the Houston Open to see behind the scenes of a PGA Event, caddy pranking pros, golfing with Miss Thailand in Thailand, or playing speed golf with the fastest golfer. Featuring different golfers (including pros), the Skratch golf channel covers topics that most golfers think about but are not quite curious enough to dive in and figure out for themselves.

Scratch Golf Academy

Not to be confused with Skratch above, Scratch Golf Academy is almost entirely the opposite. Filled with years of practical advice and tutorials about technique and situations you might find yourself stuck in, the upload list is like having a caddie in your pocket. Adam Bazalgette‘s a very accomplished golf instructor, including 27 years of being a PGA Pro, appearing on the Golf Channel and has had students go on to play on the PGA and LPGA Tours.

Danny Maude

Danny Maude is motivated by his personal struggles to learn golf. His videos give advice that can be applied immediately to your game, and the simple things are often the solution. However, Danny also has a really positive take on mindset and how to stay focused on the course to play your best.

Me and My Golf

Breaking 90 is a consistent theme and the goal of Me and My Golf subscribers

The mission is simple – play better golf. Me and My Golf is a pretty fun channel to watch, filled with different tips, golf course vlogs and swing analysis… but our favorite are the Challenge Tuesdays. Watching Me and My Golf gives hope to golfers trying to improve, and is a great reminder of how much fun you can have on the course.

Luke Kwon

From College Golf days to giving a look at Pro Golfing, Luke Kwon is someone to watch

Following behind the scenes on a journey of going pro isn’t something that you see everyday. It takes focus to get there, but also the creativity and skills to edit good videos. Luke Kwon is that combination. He gives an honest look into what he’s doing for training, tournament finishes and talks a lot about his goals and mindset. Luke’s channel gives advice on what he did before getting his scholarship to play collegiate golf at Oklahoma and there’s some gems in there that most parents of junior golfers (or juniors themselves) should hear from a guy who’s done it.


The Pebble Beach Vlog was the first video that hooked us on Golfholics!

Being based in San Diego gives the Golfholics duo plenty of opportunities to play and they have some awesome golf course vlogs. Some of our favourites have been Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill, TPC Scottsdale, Kapalua, Torrey Pines, and Wailea Emerald Course. Some of the hidden gems include courses like Desert Willow and Pauma Valley. Check out this channel and you’ll be sure to build your own Golf Course Bucket list!

Mark Crossfield

What era is best for your game? Are today’s clubs that great?

A driver review was one of the first videos that turned us into subscribers on Mark Crossfield’s channel. Since then, we’ve enjoyed the hundreds of videos on swing instruction, golf course vlogs, and helping us decide on how to better spend our money on gear!

Matt Fryer

Fixing your pitch shots with Matt Fryer

Matt Fryer is a PGA pro who gives great tips and training drills to improve specific parts of your golf technique. The editing on the videos is more than a simple playback, and that makes many of Matt’s videos like a whiteboard session with your coach.

Chasing Par is a resource for golfers, even if that means watching a few too many videos on Youtube… ones that, er, help your swing. We love golf, like these YouTubers do and hope you show them some support by watching, liking and subscribing to their channels.

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