Nutritional Recommendation for Golfers

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Playing golf is one of the best ways of socializing, spending your free time, exercising your body and needless to say golf tournaments between rival teams. The world’s best-known golfers such as Dustin Johnson, Arnold Palmer, and Justin Rose among others are the most influential golfers of all time. Have you decided to involve yourself in playing this game? If yes, I must say that you have made one of the best decisions because sooner or later you will be one of the best golfers around the globe. However, there are things you need to know and consider them to keep hitting the golf ball effectively and consistently through all the 18 holes for a few hours. Preparation for this game centers on a combination of flexibility, strength, coordination and appropriate nutrition. Most players prepare themselves for the sport physically by wearing golfing attire, golf shoes, shorts, belt, socks, and a cap but they overlook the importance of taking an appropriate diet that would otherwise save lots of shots.

Why Should You Observe Proper Golfing Diet?

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The main reason why you should eat properly before setting out for a golfing session is to energize your body because of the many physical turns you have to make on its course. Energizing the body, however, is not the only goal for the observation of golfing diet, but the consumption of appropriate nutrients results in more significant and prolonged performance. In a nutshell, proper dieting is the primary way on how to keep your energy levels consistent through all 18 holes.

Observing nutritional and dieting before setting out for a golfing session can be likened to filling your car’s gas tank before taking off for a five hundred miles journey.  Filling your gas tank is a smart move in the case of driving for miles which can be likened to asking your body to play full 18 holes of golf. You can only keep your energy levels consistent by starting on a “full tank” because the body needs fuel to navigate through all the holes.  Starting on an almost empty “fuel tank” might mean that your energies will fade off somewhere before the game is over.  For most golfers, failure to take a decent breakfast results to fade of energies around the 10th hole but if you carry some protein bars you are good to head out for the game. 

Top Tips for Good Golfers Nutrition

To perform better at the golf tournament, ensure that you treat yourself through a solid golf nutrition plan. What you eat determine what how you play which means that if you eat garbage, you will have garbage performance. Some foods help produce champion while others will hinder performance! Here are a few tips on how to become a champion, have a look at them

1. A Balanced Diet

The first consideration for a golfer is a balanced diet to provide the body with enough energy, macro, and micronutrients. Golfing rounds takes long and due to the demand for energy two significant factors that might result in low performance are dehydration and reduction in sugar levels. The night before the tournament you should your diet should be something like whole grain pasta accompanied by grilled chicken or any other food rich in proteins and energy. Before going out for the game, you should take breakfast or lunch comprising of eggs, whole grain toast and fruit for breakfast and maybe grilled chicken for lunch. During the rounds take protein bars with you, some nuts and banana to keep your energy levels consistent through all 18 holes

2. Hydrate Yourself Properly

Take plenty of water before you’re the start of the game and continue taking it throughout the round to ensure that you stay well hydrated especially if it is during the hot season. Loss of water from the body impairs body performance and physiology, but by taking water regularly, performance is boosted. If possible use a mixture of water and energy drink and water to combat fatigue and sustain energy.

3. Best Time to Eat

Eat after every 3 hours to keep your body energy and blood sugar levels constant. Calories get to be burnt on eating which means that frequent meals help in expending more energy compared to a single meal. Ensure that you avoid heavy food for the last two hours because the process of digestion in the gut diverts blood from the brain and muscles affecting physical performance.  Take your meal two hours before the play but ensure that your stomach is full.

4. Snacks During the Play

Bring some snacks with you to the golf round to maintain your nutritional levels at the desired levels. Consume approximately 35 grams of energy giving foods every hour of the play to maintain the energy levels for top performance. Bring snacks, a fruit, protein bar, and some nuts to munch on during your golf round to replenish your lost energy.

5. Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics which mean that they can cause massive loss of water from the body which has the effect of dehydrating tissues, muscles and the brain which adversely affect performance. Coffee can have the effect of stimulating the mind and the brain excessively to uncontrollable levels affecting coordination.

After the round of golf - eat well at the 19th hole

6. After the Play

After going through the 18 holes, now it is time to relax and rehabilitate your body. Rehabilitation involves refueling your body of the used energy, and it is important to note that proteins are useful in muscle repairs. You should take an average of 30 grams of proteins split into two parts through the playing day which means that you are supposed to take 2 grams for a kilogram of the body weight. Snacks that are rich in antioxidants properties are commonly used to reduce bad oxidants made by the body throughout the game. It is therefore advisable to take proteins, carbs and foods or snacks which contain antioxidants after playing to help you relax and reenergize yourself. 

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