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The Best City Golf Course in Phoenix    

With the opening of the newest golf course on the market, Aguila Golf Course in Phoenix, AZ, there has been a lot of talk about what this prestigious new golf course can offer. The Aguila Golf Course is a big step for any golfer looking to get on the professional level and it is one of only a few courses in Arizona with an International Rating (72) and it is also one of the top courses in North America with its unique design.

Aguila Golf Course is not a course that is just for pros or even just for the tournament level players. It is also a family friendly course with an affordable price range. For any golfer who would like to play this challenge, they can be paired with a caddy and play through 18 holes at an affordable rate. Playing golf at the Aguila Golf Course in Phoenix will be unlike anything that you have ever experienced before in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. 

Aguila Golf Course also offers a great variety of events to keep the family entertained on and off the course. Your child will be able to learn about driving on the golf course at a special Shotgun School with a PGA Professional who will work with your child one on one.           

Your child can also learn about playing around in the sand by taking lessons from our golf professionals or even take their kids down to the Green Monster for some fun and exciting activities. So, if you would like to play golf at a course that will challenge even the most confident player, then this is the place for you. Chasing Par Golf offers golf course review and ratings across the U.S. and Canada, helping you find courses reviewed by golfers .